Event schedule

December 1st

Day 1
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Opening address

Modelling in Biology: an Example from Evolutionary Genomics
  • Dr. Yan Wong University of Oxford

Sponsor talk: Systems Biology Ireland (SBI)
Dr Hui Go:
Causal network analysis using genetic instruments
Cosmin Tudose:
The dual role of PRC2 in gene regulation in acute myeloid leukaemia
Coffee break

How to Build a Better Cow
  • Dr. James Prendergast Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh

Brennan and Co
Helen Horkan:
Investigating Genome Stability in Hydractinia using ACME SPLiT scSeq
Samuel Carthy:
Investigating long non-coding RNA expression in aging bats
Dr. Tom Hall:
Multi-omic data integration and comparative systems biology of bovine and human tuberculosis


Ó Ghéanóm go Clinic
  • Dr. Máire Ní Leathlobhair Trinity College Dublin

Autumn Ní Dhomhnaill:
Meaisínfhoghlam chun Athróga mRNA a Chuimsiú i dTairngreacht Ailse Phróstatach

Machine Learning for Inclusion of mRNA Variables in Prostate Cancer Prediction
Tae agus plé

Professor Cathal Seoighe:
An córas imdhíonach mar phríomh-líne chosanta in aghaidh COVID-19 agus ailse araon?
DónalO’Shea: Anailís tacar géine:
Comhcheangail idir bitheolaíocht agus matamaitic.
Cian Ó Dubhshláine:
Úsáid an Easóim Chliniciúil sa NHS in Albain
Siothrún Sardina:
I dTreo an Idirghníomhú idir struchtúr Graif Eolais, Leabuithe Graif Eolais, agus Feidhmíocht a Shamhlú
Focal Scoir

Tae agus plé

December 2nd

Day 2
Cancer Evolution and Metastasis
  • Dr. Nicholas McGranahan CRUK-UCL

Jacopo Umberto Verga:
Multiple myeloma, single cell-level characterisation of natural killer cells show exhaustion from early stages of disease progression
Elle Loughran:
Attenuation of Copy Number Alterations in Cancer
Sunandini Ramnarayanan:
Can mutations in the non-protein-coding “Dark Matter” of our genome drive tumorigenesis? Insights from 16,000 Genomics England tumours
Coffee break

John Scanlan:
A multi-omic approach to understand the effects of weight loss on immune cell function
Isabelle Boothman:
Testing for common pharmacogenomic predictors of vigabatrin-associated visual field loss, under univariate & polygenic models.
Kane Collins:
Polygenic burden for stroke related traits in deceased kidney donors
Our complicated relationship with microbes and how genomics can help
  • Dr. Nabil-Fareed Alikhan Quadram institute

Sponsor talk: Oxford Nanopore
Sean Bergin:
GWAS of global C. parapsilosis collection identifies potential novel mechanisms of fluconazole resistance.
Iseult Jackson:
4000-year old oral bacterial genome reconstruction from Killuragh Cave, Limerick

Poster session

FAIR Computational Workflows in Bioscience: concept to practice
  • Professor Carole Goble The University of Manchester

Anna Grossbach:
Modelling Epigenetic Age Over Time
Swathi Ramachandra Upadhya:
Variable reliability of protein abundance measurements influences observed mRNA-protein correlations in tumours.
Learning from Data in Single-Cell Transcriptomics
  • Professor Sandrine Dudoit University of California, Berkeley

Prizes Announcement: Poster and Short Talk

Closing Remarks